urbantumbleweed (urbantumbleweed) wrote in foodstampgarden,

Community Feedback

Hi everyone,
I'm glad that there has been interest in this community! I think we could use this as a good tool to help one another. I have some questions and would like some feedback if you have the time:

1. Would you like themes? I was thinking we could do themes such as Intros, Progress Reports, Show off Your Starters, Cool Links, Frugal Gardening Tips, etc. Is that something we should do or should the community be more free flow? If you like themes, should they be monthly/weekly/season?

2. Should member posts be locked due to potentially sensitive information? This is something I don't care so much for, but was brought to my attention my be a deterrent

3. Anyone interested in being a co-mod?

Thanks to everyone!
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