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Thanks to the person who posted all those videos yesterday, those were all very good ideas! One I've been meaning to share: for starting plants, cardboard egg cartons work great! It's so much cheaper than buying those greenhouse starter kits, and if you feel so inclined you can even rig up a covering with saran wrap instead of letting it sit open. You can use the styrofoam, too, I'm sure, but they don't wick water or let excess out the bottom so you have to poke holes. And they're nonbiodegradable, so you have to remove the plant before transplanting to its premanent home. Whether you get your eggs in styrofoam or cardboard, though, start collecting and have your family collect cartons now and you'll be ready for spring in no time!
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Community Feedback

Hi everyone,
I'm glad that there has been interest in this community! I think we could use this as a good tool to help one another. I have some questions and would like some feedback if you have the time:

1. Would you like themes? I was thinking we could do themes such as Intros, Progress Reports, Show off Your Starters, Cool Links, Frugal Gardening Tips, etc. Is that something we should do or should the community be more free flow? If you like themes, should they be monthly/weekly/season?

2. Should member posts be locked due to potentially sensitive information? This is something I don't care so much for, but was brought to my attention my be a deterrent

3. Anyone interested in being a co-mod?

Thanks to everyone!


Hello! I am very happy to find this community now. I am just starting to get into vegetable gardening, and in the interests of cutting costs, I want to start nearly everything from seeds.

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I'm so excited that most of my seeds are actually sprouting, but I am worried that I will kill them all in the next step. I plan to keep them all in containers for the whole time, but as I said, this is all new to me, so we'll see.

I started all of the greens in Jiffy Brand Peat Pellets. However, I was wondering if there is a cheaper way to start seeds. Would it be possible to make pellets?

Thanks again for starting this community!
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And so it begins!

Households CAN use SNAP benefits to buy:
Seeds and plants which produce food for the household to eat.

It's the end of January, so I'm starting to think about what I will garden this year. I have to container garden, and am possibly going to be moving.

In the past, I have grown (with great success) in my container gardens: kale, collard greens, cherry tomatoes, eggplant, jalepeno peppers, bell peppers, cucumber, basil, and cilantro.

I'm starting to think about what I want to do this year.

I also read a neat tip on a cheap way to tie plants to trellis- cut pantyhose with holes in them into little strips! I have a ton of ruined pantyhose so I'm excited to try this out with the tomatoes this year.